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Famous Inorganic Exterior Coating

CO-MA-SEA AIO(clear) is an unbelievable inorganic seal !




ü CO-MA-SEAL AIO(clear) is a penetrating, environment friendly, non-toxic, water-based compound of proprietary ingredients. The color of it is transparent, it will no change any color of substract,
ü CO-MA-SEAL AIO(clear) reacts to become an integral part of the surface, so it will provide a long performance life.

ü Very strong waterproof performance
ü Very strong Water-repellent performance
ü Without wet trace and peel off
ü Nontoxic and environment-friendly

ü Fireproof and anti-flaming
ü Make surface naturally breathe
ü Without the growth of germ and moss
ü Dustproof and easy-to- clean

Applicable surface
special for seal the joint of ceramic tile,natural stone in Indoor/Outdoor's ground and wall.                  
Surface Prep & Application
1.Clean the surface with detergent or steam cleaner and then move the residual detergent and bring the surface back to dryness
2.Shake up AIO(clear) before use, apply enough AIO(clear) with brush,sponge or sprayer into the surface . One coating will be enough.
3.Keep the surface 24 hours of nature dry to cure after use. 72 hours cure time will be the best.

Packing        1000ml  & 20kg



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CO-MA-SEAL is the key to your success!